Nate Navarro Publishes Instructional Book for 5-String Bass

BASS: 5-String Etudes, Riffs, Songs & ExercisesAfter releasing a four-string book in 2021, Nate Navarro has expanded his educational books to include BASS: 5-String Etudes, Riffs, Songs & Exercises. The 235-page book is accompanied by hours of video lessons, play-alongs, and audio examples. It even has bass-less backing tracks and Guitar Pro files for further practice.

“BASS takes an expansive approach to lessons in technique, music theory, and creativity, with regard to the beginning bassist, the highly advanced, and beyond,” the book description states.

Navarro is a world-class bassist known for his solo work and playing with artists like Devin Townsend and Porcupine Tree.

BASS: 5-String Etudes, Riffs, Songs & Exercises is available as a digital download through Navarro’s website or a paperback version from Amazon.

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