Xotic Effects Introduces the Bass BB Preamp 1.5 Pedal

Xotic Effects Bass BB Preamp 1.5 PedalCalifornia’s Xotic Effects has revamped the Bass BB preamp for 2023 with new functional and aesthetic features. The pedal offers up to 30db+ of boost with Gain, Level, Bass, and Treble controls.

“Ideal for virtually any playing style, the Bass BB Preamp’s gain knob can add a presence to your clean tone, or you can crank it up and enjoy everything from subtle break up to smooth distortion that never loses low-end definition,” the company writes.

Its new features include a top-mounted DC jack and white “Top Hat” style tuners. Core to the upgrade is the ability for the pedal to run from 9 to 18 DC volts using an external power supply. Xotic explains that increasing the DC power voltage makes your bass signal less compressed with more headroom.

The Xotic Effects Bass BB Preamp 1.5 is available now for $180.

Xotic Effects Bass BB Preamp 1.5 Features:

Volume, Gain, Bass, and Treble controlsTrue bypass foot switch
Top-mounted AC power jack
9- to 18-volt DC operation (battery compartment available for 9-volt operation)

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