Xotic Announces Bass RC Booster V2 Pedal

Xotic Bass RC Booster V2 PedalXotic has updated part of their pedal lineup with the Bass RC Booster V2. The unit is described as “a super transparent boost pedal designed to add clarity and definition to your bass tone.”

The pedal has two gain channels that can be toggled with a footswitch. Gain 2 is set via a mini knob with a blue LED that signals when it is in use.

In addition to a master volume control, it also has an adjustable +-15dB two-band EQ. The pedal runs on either a 9-volt battery or 9-volt power supply, though Xotic says you can run it at 18 volts for more headroom.

The Xotic Bass RC Booster V2 will be available soon with a TBD price point.

Xotic Bass RC Booster V2 Pedal Features:

20dB+ boost
+-15dB 2 band active EQ
Channel 1 Gain, Channel 2 Gain, Treble, Bass and Volume configuration
Blue Gain 2 LED
True Bypass

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