Boss Introduces the NS-1X Noise Suppressor Pedal

Boss NS-1X Noise Suppressor PedalBoss has introduced the NS-1X Noise Suppressor, which they call an advanced noise suppressor and ultra-fast gate for guitar and bass. It’s the latest in their X series of pedals and features their Multi-Dimensional Processing (MDP) technology.

“Background noise can be problematic with guitar and bass, particularly in high-gain setups,” Boss shares. “The proprietary MDP approach in the NS-1X delivers fast, transparent operation in every application, eliminating the unnatural attack and decay artifacts that can be introduced with standard noise suppression systems. High-speed digital technology analyzes the input signal on multiple levels in real time, enabling ultra-detailed processing that provides the optimum noise reduction for any playing style or performance venue.”

The NS-1X has four controls – Damp, Threshold, Decay, and Mode – with a reduction indicator to display the noise suppression. Its Mode knob toggles between three modes: Reduction for gentle suppression, Gate for high-gain players, and Mute for killing the signal.

The Boss NS-1X is available now for $199.99.

Boss NS-1X Noise Suppressor Pedal Features:

Intelligent BOSS MDP technology eliminates noise with no impact on playing feel or response
Intuitive operation with Threshold, Decay, and Damp knobs
Reduction mode for general noise suppression applications
Gate mode provides ultra-fast noise elimination for tapping, sweep picking, and heavy rhythm styles that rely on high-gain tones
Mute mode for silencing the instrument signal when the pedal switch is engaged (the pedal operates in user-selectable Reduction or Gate mode when the switch is off)
Reduction indicator that dynamically displays the current noise suppression status
Send/return loop for optimized noise elimination with overdrives, distortions, and other noise-producing pedals
DC Out for distributing power to other pedals (requires optional PSA adaptor and PCS-20A parallel cable)
BOSS five-year warranty

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