Julia Przybysz Bachelor of Arts Recital: Fusion Fest

Julia Przybysz (better known as Juliaplaysgroove) performed her Bachelor of Arts Recital at Academy of Music in June.

She just shared a video of the performance, which includes a nice mix of tunes, including Billy Cobham’s “Cancun Market,” Snarky Puppy’s “Lingus,” Level 42’s “Dune Tune,” Toto’s “Jake to the Bone,” and Wojtek Pilichowski’s “Bass Dance.”

“[The] time has come for me and my friend Michal to play our B.A. recitals. Since we both love jazz-rock music, we decided to play our recitals in a row and name the whole gig a ‘Fusion Fest,'” Julia shared.

Congrats, Julia!

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