Berklee’s unCOVER Challenge: Undertale’s “Megalovania”

Berklee’s “unCOVER Challenge” is a cool concept: Undisclosed musicians are brought together in a studio to learn a song together. The twist is that they have to do this without seeing each other, and they have to complete a series of other challenges. On top of it all, their voices are disguised.

In this episode, four musicians (Marley Striem on bass, Paulina Romano on guitar, Paul Vanier on keys, and Kristýna Sibinská on drums) set out to perform “Megalovania” from the video game, “Undertale.”

Here are the timestamps:

  • 0:00 The Challenge
  • 0:22 The Rules
  • 0:49 The Process
  • 2:03 “Switch, Switch”
  • 3:01 “Phantom Challenge”
  • 4:20 “One-Hand Wonder”
  • 5:26 The Result

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