Chaka Khan: Tiny Desk Concert

There have been many great Tiny Desk Concerts, but this time, they took it up several notches with the great Chaka Khan.

Anchored by Melvin Lee Davis (who is also musical director), Ms. Kahn performed seven tunes over 34 minutes, including “Tell Me Something Good,” “What Cha’ Gonna Do For Me,” “Stay,” “Sweet Thing,” “Through the Fire,” “Ain’t Nobody,” and “I’m Every Woman.”

“The moment guitarist Rob Bacon opened the set on the talk box, with bassist Melvin Davis and drummer Jay Williams laying down the beat, it was clear we were about to get a lesson in some naaaasty funk with ‘Tell Me Something Good.’ If the way our in-office audience was jamming to ‘What Cha’ Gonna Do For Me,’ and ‘Ain’t Nobody’ is any indication, be prepared to watch this show in a location where you can comfortably groove. ‘Sweet Thing’ showcased vocalist Tiffany Smith killing the most iconic (and most vocally difficult) moment in the song, something that has humbled many a singer,” NPR shared.

The rest of this killer band includes Jesse Milliner on keys, Rob Bacon on guitar, Euro Zambrano on percussion, Jay Williams on drums, and Audrey Wheeler-Downing, Tiffany Smith, and Trina Broussard on vocals.

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