Nate Navarro: Battle of the Bass Techniques (Fingerstyle vs. Pick vs. Slap)

Nate Navarro started the description of this video with “Let’s settle this once and for all.”

Then he says his aim is to “Maybe, just maybe, show that all of these techniques are useful in a variety of musical contexts.”

Nate covers fingerstyle, pick, and slap bass in this video, and of course, we dig it all.

Here are the timestamps for the video below:

  • 0:00 – The Premise
  • 0:42 – Funk
  • 1:35 – Rock
  • 2:28 – Cast Your Vote
  • 2:46 – Nate’s Bass Books
  • 4:04 – Pop
  • 5:03 – Metal
  • 6:02 – Food for Thought
  • 6:43 – Leswar Guitars
  • 7:58 – Recording Setup
  • 8:11 – Isolated Bass Parts

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  1. Donald Garvin

    To my ear, the difference between pick, slap, and finger-style is quite subtle.
    On a related note, Nate has Mad Skills!