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  • Aram Bedrosian: Shadows

    Aram Bedrosian: Shadows

    Aram Bedrosian always takes solo bass to a new level. In this clip, he performs his song “Shadows.” The song shows off not only his amazing technical chops but also his composing skills. »

  • Dmitry Lisenko and Aram Bedrosian: Echoes

    Dmitry Lisenko and Aram Bedrosian: Echoes

    Dmitry Lisenko shared his new project with us – an electric and acoustic bass duo he’s formed with Aram Bedrosian. Here’s their first video, entitled “Echoes”. We’re keeping our eye out for more from these two! »

  • Aram Bedrosian: Going Under

    Aram Bedrosian: Going Under

    It has been a while since we’ve featured bassist Aram Bedrosian and one of his terrific solo bass performances. Here’s Aram’s tune “Going Under”, recorded a couple of years ago. »

  • Aram Bedrosian: Weightless

    Aram Bedrosian: Weightless

    No Treble reader John Stam sent us a video by Aram Bedrosian, remarking how Aram “is a master of chords, and hauntingly melodic playing…” The video he recommended was Aram’s performance of his original tune, “A Dark Light”, which we shared about two years ago. But that took me down the path of exploring more... »

  • Aram Bedrosian: Fly

    Aram Bedrosian: Fly

    Here’s another impressive solo bass performance by Aram Bedrosian, performing his original tune “Fly”. This tune is available on Bedrosian’s 2007 debut album. »

  • Aram Bedrosian: “A Dark Light” for Solo Bass

    Aram Bedrosian: “A Dark Light” for Solo Bass

    Here’s bassist Aram Bedrosian, performing his solo bass tune “A Dark Light”. For those industrious types, Aram offers notation/tabs of this and other compositions of his on his website. »

  • Space Opera: solo bass by Aram Bedrosian

    Flemming recommended this video, featuring Aram Bedrosian performing his original solo bass piece, Space Opera. Space Opera is one of the tunes on Aram’s album: Widgets And be sure to check out more at »