Aram Bedrosian: Weightless

No Treble reader John Stam sent us a video by Aram Bedrosian, remarking how Aram “is a master of chords, and hauntingly melodic playing…” The video he recommended was Aram’s performance of his original tune, “A Dark Light”, which we shared about two years ago.

But that took me down the path of exploring more by Aram, and I stumbled upon this gem of a video, which fits so perfectly with John’s note.

The tune is “Weightless”, another one of Aram’s compositions from his upcoming second solo album. The track is on Aram’s Bandcamp page as well.

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  1. Aram is a beast. Never met him but seems like a super nice guy too.

  2. This is a fantastic tune by Aram. He has a great style and sound!