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  • Entheos Releases “Dark Future”

    Entheos Releases “Dark Future”

    Entheos has returned with their second full length album, entitled Dark Future. Anchored by bassist Evan Brewer, the recording is described by the band as an expansion on their songwriting. “We wanted to evolve the sound a little bit,” drummer Navene Koperweis says. “Evan wrote a lot more. You can feel [guitarist Travis LeVrier’s influence... »

  • Evan Brewer: Entheos “Primal” Playthrough

    Evan Brewer: Entheos “Primal” Playthrough

    Ever since Evan Brewer joined Entheos at the beginning of the year, I’ve been eager to check the band out. The technical death metal band’s Primal EP dropped this month and proved the wait was worth it. Brewer joins drummer Navene Koperweis, guitarist Frank Costa, and vocalist Chaney Crabb to lay down some brutally heavy... »

  • Evan Brewer Joins Entheos

    Evan Brewer Joins Entheos

    Three months after announcing his exit from The Faceless, bassist Evan Brewer has reunited with three members from his Animosity days to form a new band called Entheos. Though the band features former Animosity drummer Navene Koperweis and guitarist Frank Costa, the members say this isn’t an Animosity reunion but rather “a completely new band... »