Evan Brewer Joins Entheos

Evan Brewer

Three months after announcing his exit from The Faceless, bassist Evan Brewer has reunited with three members from his Animosity days to form a new band called Entheos.

Though the band features former Animosity drummer Navene Koperweis and guitarist Frank Costa, the members say this isn’t an Animosity reunion but rather “a completely new band with new material.”

“It’s definitely got some Animosity influence because the two people who wrote all of the music [for Animosity] are writing the music for Entheos,” Koperweis told Heavy Blog is Heavy. “We think it is more polished and slicker than Animosity was. We also intend to showcase Evan in a way he never was with Animosity. The music is fast, heavy and each song is like a mini ‘journey’.”

Entheos will be fronted by vocalist Chaney Crabb. Brewer and the band are planning to release an EP in March with tour dates to be announced.

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