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Jeff Berlin Archives - Page 3

Player News

Reggie Washington joins Markbass

Markbass has announced that Reggie Washington has joined their growing list of endorsing bassists. Reggie’s choice of gear is the MoMark amplifier (800W amp frame, S2 preamp, EQ4S EQ module, and M0 master module), a Little Mark Tube 800 amplifier, and two Standard 104HR cabinets. For upright, he has a Markacoustic AC 121 combo. “My first time really checking out...

Bass Videos, NAMM 2010

Live from NAMM: Jeff Berlin & Danny Gottlieb

Here’s Jeff Berlin at the Markbass booth, performing with drummer Danny Gottlieb (on one cymbal!) The guys at Markbass have been very cool, and very busy this year… We’ll be posting coverage on their new lines soon.

Player News

Jeff Berlin pays homage to his musical mentor

Virtuoso bassist Jeff Berlin recently wrote a letter to about the passing of his beloved teacher, Charlie Banacos, who died on December 8th after a battle with cancer. Jeff had actually made the move earlier in his career from New York to Boston in order to study under Banacos after hearing stories of the amazing music teacher. He recounts...

Bass Videos

Joe Britton performs Jeff Berlin’s Dixie

One of the most tricky pieces for bass to execute perfectly is Jeff Berlin‘s incredibly intricate version of Dixie. This great execution by Joe Britton is by far the one that comes the closest. Check out Joe’s Youtube channel.

Player News

Bx3: Jeff Berlin, Billy Sheehan & Stuart Hamm

Stu Hamm has formed a bass version of the highly successful G3 guitar tour, Bx3. The group features Billy Sheehan, Jeff Berlin, and Hamm on bass, with Jude Gold on guitar and John Mader on drums. Bx3 is currently touring in the U.S.