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Scott Henderson, Jeff Berlin and Dennis Chambers Release “HBC”

Scott Henderson, Jeff Berlin and Dennis Chambers: HBCThe trio of guitarist Scott Henderson, bassist Jeff Berlin and drummer Dennis Chambers have been playing together for years, have released their debut album, HBC.

The album consists of covers of the members’ collective influences, including tunes by Weather Report, Herbie Hancock and Billy Cobham, along with some original tunes by Henderson and Berlin.

“The trio is all about interplay,” Henderson said. “Jeff and I have always had a very high level of communication when we play together, and putting Dennis in the mix notches it up even higher. He’s an extremely musical drummer, but at the same time has the ability to bring the energy up to scary levels.”

“We pretty much have the same vision of how three strong players should sound together,” Berlin added. “We function well on many levels; we’re friends and love to hang. We’re also individually dedicated to high standards of playing.”

Before hitting the studio, the trio toured and worked out their repertoire on the road.

“We try to find new ways to play at every gig,” Berlin said. “When we are gigging our motor is always set to high.”

Henderson added, “Because the three of us have so much experience playing different styles of music, we’re able to go from graceful straight-ahead jazz to heavy metal and just about everywhere in between, so it’s an extremely versatile band, which makes it a lot of fun.”

HBC is available on CD and in digital formats.

Preview and download HBC:

HBC Track List:

  1. Actual Proof
  2. Mysterious Traveller
  3. Footprints
  4. D Flat Waltz
  5. The Orphan
  6. Sightseeing
  7. Wayward Son of Devil Boy
  8. Threedom
  9. Stratus

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