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  • The Oddysy: Alone

    The Oddysy: Alone

    The Oddysy shared their latest with us, which once again features the music of DJ Johnny Juice (Public Enemy) and bassist/singer Kevin “KJ” Jacoby. Here’s the official video for “Alone,” which was filmed on location at the Clinton-Washington stop on the G Train, Brooklyn, NY. »

  • Kevin “KJ” Jacoby & The Oddysy: Incantation

    Kevin “KJ” Jacoby & The Oddysy: Incantation

    Kevin “KJ” Jacoby shared this video with us, featuring his new project, The Oddyssey. “Last year I started a project with DJ Johnny Juice (Public Enemy, Beastie Boys) called The Oddysy. We recently shot a video for our first single, ‘Incantation’,” he shared. “This is a brand new sound for me. I’m dividing my signal... »