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Kyle Nagel Archives

Bass Videos

Young Pandas: Keep On

Young Pandas are back with a new video from sessions they did last year. Bassist Kyle Nagel shared this one, with the back story: “This one even has a little bass feature in it about halfway through. I’m once again playing my Lakland Hollowbody with flats and Bartolini pickups. We also took a cue from D’Angelo and added some big...

Bass Videos

Young Pandas: Down

We first featured Young Pandas back in October, with their “Suspended” video. Bassist Kyle Nagel sent us the latest by the band, and we’re really digging what this band is doing. “It’s one of my most proud bass moments that I’ve recorded,” Kyle said. “I’m playing my Lakland Hollowbody with Bartolini pickups and flatwound strings. Matt, our drummer who’s always...

Bass Videos

Young Pandas: Suspended

No Treble reader and bassist Kyle Nagel sent us this video of his band Young Pandas. Kyle shared the process behind this and their other videos: “This is a recording we made at The Farm Studio in Westchester, PA… We went on a spring tour right after the recording an so are just releasing the videos now. I actually am...