Young Pandas: Suspended

No Treble reader and bassist Kyle Nagel sent us this video of his band Young Pandas.

Kyle shared the process behind this and their other videos:

“This is a recording we made at The Farm Studio in Westchester, PA… We went on a spring tour right after the recording an so are just releasing the videos now. I actually am the one editing them so its been a long process. Being entirely DIY has its challenges (Mike, our singer/guitarist, mixed and mastered the record). I’m playing a 1989 Fender AVRI 62 reissue in this video (more to come with my Lakland and EBMM). I’m also using a Electro Harmonix POG in the prechorus section. Our keyboard player is also in Bad Rabbits and our drummer is also in Such Gold and (formerly) Shai Hulud among other bands. Both are insanely talented.”

We dig it – and that fat bass tone. We’re looking forward to more from these guys.

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  1. MikeyOnBass

    Not a fan of the ‘voicing’ the keyboardist was using… This however is a GOOD tune, and the band has a killer vibe going on. I dig!