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Rewind: our top features of the week

In case you missed them, here are the top headlines from No Treble, for the week of October 12th. Lessons Jon Burr’s Pivots in Chord Inversions Evan Kepner’s Fingering Strategies for the Upright Bass Columns & Features Ask Damian Erskine: Reading Scenarios Ray’s Raving About… Kenny Werner’s “Effortless Mastery” Our Player Spotlight is on Mantis Evar We’re thrilled to welcome...

Reader Spotlight: Mantis Evar
Reader Spotlight

Reader Spotlight: Mantis Evar

Meet bassist Mantis Evar, our player in the spotlight for October 13th, 2009. Bio: As a musician, Mantis has performed live with Stevie Ray Vaughan and Joey DeFrancesco. While home he acted as studio manager for TKO Recording Studios until he eventually set his focus on live sound where he has worked with Dr. Billy Taylor and Freddie Hubbard. As...