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In case you missed them, here are the top headlines from No Treble, for the week of October 12th.


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Learn the Low End

New courses are available on Learn The Low End by professor Steve Uccello, including:

  • Learning “Golden” (Looping with Electric and Upright basses in the same song): This course will give you the complete transcriptions and video tutorials for learning “Golden” off his latest album Symmetria. You’ll be combining skills with both the upright bass and bass guitar to create this amazing song.
  • Harmonics on Electric and Acoustic Bass: Did you ever wonder how to properly use harmonics, or even what they are? In this comprehensive lesson Steve gives you a full description of their function and location on the bass (well beyond the standard ones) with practice guides and tips for getting the best tone. This will expand your ability to create beautiful harmonies and expand to upper registers normally inaccessible on the bass.

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