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  • Scary Pockets: Something to Talk About

    Scary Pockets: Something to Talk About

    Scary Pockets keeps bringing it with their excellent re-imagined covers of classic songs. Here’s their take on Bonnie Raitt’s “Something to Talk About,” with vocalist Raquel Rodriguez. The arrangement and mastering on this one is something special. As always, Sam Wilkes lays down the low end. »

  • Scary Pockets: Rocky Raccoon

    Scary Pockets: Rocky Raccoon

    We’re big fans of Scary Pockets and how they remake tunes in their own funky style. Here’s the band with vocalist George Krikes performing The Beatles’ “Rocky Raccoon.” Bassist Nick Campbell really lays it down on this one. »

  • Scary Pockets: Crash Into Me

    Scary Pockets: Crash Into Me

    Scary Pockets is back with a new and funky cover. This time, they’re taking on the Dave Matthews Band tune, “Crash Into Me,” which features Daniel Aged on bass. Julia Nunes joins the band with some impressive vocals on this cover. We love how the song builds (and with it, Daniel’s bass lines). »

  • Scary Pockets: Creep

    Scary Pockets: Creep

    I stumbled upon this video on Facebook the other day and was impressed with Scary Pockets’ funky cover of Radiohead’s “Creep.” Sam Wilkes is the band’s bassist, which is fronted by vocalist India Carney. »