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  • Omar Vazquez Castro & Simon Sammut: Mar

    Omar Vazquez Castro & Simon Sammut: Mar

    Bassists Omar Vazquez Castro and Simon Sammut teamed up for a bass duo composition called “Mar”, which translates to “sea.” “Omar composed the track and plays bass chords and harmonics. I play the fretless and upright bass,” Sammut explains. The track reflects the feeling of the sea with an ambient atmosphere, thanks to the harmonics... »

  • Simon Sammut Returns With “Crossing”

    Simon Sammut Returns With “Crossing”

    Bassist Simon Sammut has released his sophomore solo album called Crossing. Following up on 2011’s Bassic Attitude, the effort is an evolution of his sound, which he describes as “fluid in texture and inspiration.” “The musical score and complimentary paintings are based on a common theme of ‘crossing,'” he writes. “Essentially it is about crossing... »