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Simon Sammut Returns With “Crossing”

Simon Sammut: CrossingBassist Simon Sammut has released his sophomore solo album called Crossing. Following up on 2011’s Bassic Attitude, the effort is an evolution of his sound, which he describes as “fluid in texture and inspiration.”

“The musical score and complimentary paintings are based on a common theme of ‘crossing,'” he writes. “Essentially it is about crossing barriers or boundaries whether they are physical or geographical, intellectual or psychological with reference to particular moments in history, a story or cognitive state. The project touches upon a number of topical subjects, such as migration, mental health, technology, environment, and diversity.”

Sammut lays down some tasty bass lines, melodies, and solos on electric and upright basses. Check out this video for “Be The Change”:

Crossing is available now as a digital download via Amazon or directly from Sammut.

Crossing Track List:

  1. Daruma Doll
  2. When Stone Comes to Life
  3. Promethean Man
  4. Bell Ringer
  5. The Tin Soldier’s Last Dance
  6. Frozen Glass
  7. Frontier
  8. Crossing
  9. Shades of Ember
  10. Princes of Serendip
  11. Be the Change
  12. Fifty Something

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