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Gear Review: Vigier Arpege IV Bass
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Gear Review: Vigier Arpege IV Bass

In 1978, Patrice Vigier set out to become an independent luthier of guitars and basses, and Vigier Guitars was born. Thirty-four years later, the Vigier is still going strong. We got our hands on the company’s Arpege IV bass, and took it for a test drive. The Arpege IV is a lovely sounding four string bass and will easily handle...

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Gear Watch: Vigier announces 5-string Excess bass

Vigier Guitars’ 4-string Excess bass was released in 1996 and made popular by Deep Purple’s Roger Glover. Vigier has just announced a new 5-string model has been added to the Excess line. Like all Vigier’s basses, the 5-string Excess uses Vigier’s 10/90 system, which reinforces the neck with a carbon fiber strip. The bass includes a set of Delano pickups...