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Ask Damian Erskine - Page 2

Ask Damian Erskine is a weekly column featuring reader questions and Damian’s advice on the topic. Have a question for Damian? Send it to [email protected].

Reaching the Next Level in Your Music Career

A 40-year bass veteran is taking all the right steps to hitting that next level of playing. He reached out to Damian for advice on how to “break out.” Check out what Damian has to say.

What Do You Want To See Happen For the Future of Bass Playing?

Damian almost skipped this week’s “Ask” question... but then he decided to go for it, thinking this could actually ignite some really interesting conversations. The question is this: “What Do You Want To See Happen For the Future of Bass Playing?”

Keeping Your Place with Timing Issues?

This week’s “Ask” column focuses on a question from a reader who is struggling with keeping time and staying with the music over multiple bars. Damian offers advice with a range of tactics for helping solve this problem.

Is My Bass Teacher Right for Me?

This week’s “Ask” question was sent in by a reader who is pretty new to the bass, and pretty frustrated with his bass teacher. So he reached out to Damian for advice. Check out what Damian has to say about the student/teacher relationship.

Improving Finger Strength to Avoid Injury?

This week, a reader asks Damian for advice on how to strengthen the muscles in my fingers to help avoid injury. Damian puts together a great roundup in this column on player health.

Defining Levels (Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced)

A reader asked Damian to define the idea of a beginner, intermediate or advanced player. While Damian doesn’t necessarily see how this is helpful to a person, he did offer up some background and advice for this week’s “Ask” column.

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What Would You Tell Your Younger Self?

Damian received another interesting question this week for his “Ask” column: “I wonder, as you look back, what do you wish you could have told your younger self?” Damian’s response to this is pretty terrific.

How Do You Access Your Emotions When Playing?

This week, Damian received one of the more interesting questions a reader has asked: “How do you access your emotions when you’re playing?” Check out what he has to say...

Bass Instruction: A Guide to the Best Books

This week’s “Ask” question centers around bass instruction books: which ones Damian prefers to teach from, and which ones were instrumental to his learning. Check out his list of recommendations.

Am I Selling Out?

Making money making music can be a tough road. Sometimes, some of the options might feel like "selling out," which is exactly the focus (and question) for Damian's latest "Ask" column.

What Fingerings Should I Use for the Modes?

A reader sent Damian a note this week saying he's just starting to learn modes on the bass but is struggling with the finger patterns. He asked for help, and Damian decided to make this week’s column a video demonstration on the topic.

Using the Two Types of Solfege

This week’s “Ask” column is all about ear training. In response to a reader’s question about the “Two Types of Solfege,” Damian breaks down the pros and cons for each, and how to apply it to your routine.