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Ask Damian Erskine - Page 4

Ask Damian Erskine is a weekly column featuring reader questions and Damian’s advice on the topic. Have a question for Damian? Send it to [email protected].

How to Deal With Bandleaders That Change Your Part

A reader is dealing with a bandleader (pianist) who is rewriting the bass parts and asking them to be played that way. He asked Damian for advice on how to cope with this situation. Check out what Damian has to say.

Making Do With Bass Gear

A reader sent Damian a question this week regarding his view on the bass-related equipment, saying “it is much, much smaller than for other instruments” and what to do about it. Damian answers this in 2 parts: one that’s directly related and one that offers a different take.

How To Play Through Difficult Tunes

This week, someone asked me how to play through "Giant Steps," so I made this video to break down my process. We'll dive into working through difficult sets of changes and talk about how to think about it.

Ask Damian Erskine: Call for Questions

For nearly 10 years, I’ve been writing a weekly Q&A column here on No Treble. It has been an exciting journey, and every once in a while, the well runs dry. So, here’s a “Call for Questions” post!

What Is It To “Play Compositionally”?

What do you think people mean when they say, “play compositionally”? That’s the question a reader sent Damian this week. Check out what he has to say on the subject.

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Who Should I Transcribe?

A reader sent Damian a question on the topic of transcribing after getting advice from others he didn’t agree with. Damian offers up his recommendations on how to approach transcribing as one of the important learning exercises in our bass playing.

Dealing with “String Ring” While Slapping

Damian answers this question in this new “Ask” column this week: “I got a 6-string not too long ago and I’ve been having a hard time with string ring... Is there anything I can do about that?”

Is There a Right Way To Set My EQ?

A reader sent Damian a question asking about all the knobs on his bass (and even more on his amp). The specific question is: “Is There a Right Way To Set My EQ?” Check out what Damian has to say.

Using Minimalism and Subtlety In Bass Lines

This week, Damian received a question about creating bass lines with minimalism and implication versus overt and fuller harmonic context. This is a deep question, so instead of just writing about it, he decided to make a video to play through some ideas and talk it out.

Series vs. Parallel Wired Pickups

In this week’s “Ask” column, a reader asked Damian to explain the difference between series and parallel circuitry in pickups. Check out Damian’s excellent overview on the topic.

Learning to Improvise

A reader, who started on piano, reached out to Damian mentioning that while he’s educated in the areas of reading, there was never a focus on improvising. He said he feels “robotic” and asked for some pointers. That’s the subject of this week’s “Ask” column.

How Much Music Theory Do I Really Need To Know?

A reader emailed Damian describing his struggles with music theory and asked for his thoughts on the importance of it. While there are lots of ways to look at this, Damian breaks describes some paths to take in your musical growth.