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Ask Damian Erskine - Page 3

Ask Damian Erskine is a weekly column featuring reader questions and Damian’s advice on the topic. Have a question for Damian? Send it to [email protected].

How Important are Intervals in Bass Lines?

One of the great things about the “Ask Damian” column is that Damian gets questions from people at all levels, including those just starting out. This week, he dives in to the basics of intervals.

Where To Start with Music Theory

A reader sent Damian one of the most honest questions we've seen, focused on his lack of understanding theory and his desire to change that. Check out what Damian has to say on “Where To Start with Music Theory.”

Should I Play Keyboard For Ear Training?

Stéphane Tuni sent Damian a question about using a keyboard (as a bassist) for ear training. Damian offers up his take - and some tips - in this new “Ask” column.

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Making the Three-Finger Technique Consistent on Bass

This week, a reader asks Damian for advice on mastering the three-finger technique. This is something Damian has spent a lot of time on and offers up a great how-to for exploring every possible variation.

Go Hear Live Music!

Damian recently had a conversation with a student who wasn't feeling inspired musically. Damian asked him what he was listening to, and discovered the problem was a lack of exposure to new ideas and music. So he wrote this week's column in response to that.

Sounding Organic In The Moment

This week a reader asks Damian for advice on how to “organize material and approach a solo without sounding scholastic or predictable.” Check out what Damian has to say on the subject.

Why Isn’t Solo Bass More Accepted?

As of tomorrow, we’ve been publishing for 10 years, and this has always been a topic in the comments. (A little less now, but still a thing.) This week, Damian tackles a question from a reader: “Why Isn’t Solo Bass More Accepted?”

Developing Your Microtime

A reader asked Damian for advice on the subject of “microtime” this week. Damian offers advice on learning different time-feels in this column.

What is Your “Voice” on Bass?

A reader asked Damian “How did you come to settle on your voice?” While Damian has written about fostering the development of your “voice” in the past, he’s never covered what your “voice” really is. So that’s what he did in this new column.

Mugging for the Camera on Stage

For this week’s “Ask” column, Damian decided to do it as more of a PSA - on musicianship, serving the song, and a trend he’s seeing that is sometimes counter to those things. Check out what he calls “Mugging for the Camera on Stage”

Understanding Time-Feel Terminology

A reader sent Damian a question about the terms that apply to meter and pulse, and the confusion he’s having around this topic. Damian offers up his perspective in this “Ask” column.

Switching Between 4, 5, and 6-string Basses

This week’s “Ask” question starts like this: “How do you switch between 4/5/6 strings when the low E has been ingrained in my memory?” Check out what Damian has to say about making the switch.