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Reader Spotlight: Dan Nelson

Dan NelsonMeet Dan Nelson, an 18 year old bassist from Wales and our player in the spotlight for March 29, 2011.


I started out on guitar for around six months before a friend showed me a old SG bass copy. From then on, I’ve been hooked on bass. About three years ago I started to get serious and started looking to join some working bands. I also started taking a good look at theory and sight-reading, as having these core skills is extremely beneficial I believe.

Soon after, I joined a cover band who gigs regularly and from there I have gone on to join a Welsh prog rock/pop/fusion band, Godsticks, who gig all over the UK and Europe.

I am always looking to improve my playing to be the best I possibly can, as I like to be available to all styles. I also sub for bands who need someone quickly to cover for them when I can.


Cardiff, Wales

Day gig:

I play in a cover band two to three times a week. I also attend college three days a week. Next year I start at BIMM Bristol university.

Years experience:

6 years

Bands & Gigs:

My main gig is with Godsticks. We have a debut album out called Spiral Vendetta, that none other than Bryan Beller played bass on. The band then brought me in to replicate that album in a live setting. Ideas for a second album have started, but due to the complexity of the music, it wont be completed until well into 2012.


  • Fender Jazz 4 String (Hipshot De-tuner)
  • Status Energy 5 String
  • Ibanez roadstar 11 precision
  • Hartke lh1000
  • Barefaced Big Baby CAB
  • TC electronic Polytune
  • Boss OC-3
  • MRX DI
  • EBS Multi-Comp

Why I play the bass:

It was probably watching Red Hot Chili Peppers on Youtube and seeing Flea as a real central figure in the band. I believe that was a big factor.

My bass superpower/claim to fame

I’m confident in being able to play many different styles. I like to be as versatile as I can be to allow me to be available to gig/record in as many scenarios as possible.

My influences

Bryan Beller, Paul Turner, Chris Squire, Marcus Miller, Jaco Pastorius, Pino Palladino, Flea, Nathan East… to name a few.

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Steve Wicks

Steve Wicks

I’ve seen this ‘kid’ on youtube and to be frank he is an amateur, who has a hell of a lot to learn if he wants to be like flea! He’s more than welcome to practise with me, but he will never be as good as me.