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Elton John with Dee Murray: Razor Face

Lately, I’ve been wearing out my copy of Elton John’s 11-17-70 on vinyl. The sole reason: the bass lines of Dee Murray on that incredible live album.

While this video is almost one year later and from a different venue (BBC Studios), the lineup is the same – with John, Murray and drummer Nigel Olsson.

This is “Razor Face”.

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Damn, Elton is good !!!



Listening to his music as an adult, I can really appreciate jot talented Elton John is and just how great he was very early in his career. Of course Dee Murray, and the drummer were wonderful supporting musicians.


    Seems we don’t appreciate things as they where when we where younger, maybe some things but I never thought Elton John was that good but I can plainly see he was gifted. I listened to his songs all the time when younger but didn’t appreciate them like now.
    Now I’m alone, never got married, in chronic pain and no one cares.

    Funny how time changes things ,

Anthony Cook

Good call, Corey …Dee Murray is in a bass space all by himself .In my opinion, one of the great bassist of all time .Slides and runs up and down the neck that place notes perfectly with Elton Johns piano and voice .Just masterful 👍🏽



    I’m still gone over Dee Murray’s bass on Rocket Man. The high notes are just so space like. They put you into an intergalactic mood.

Joe Band

Joe Band

There are very few who compare to Dee Murray.