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Andrew Gouche: 1968 Fender Jazz Bass Church Flow

Gospel bass legend Andrew Gouche has started posting videos of his church performances, and this one of his “church flow” with his trusty 1968 Fender Jazz Bass is on point. Gouche accompanies the choir on “Is My Living In Vain” during a recent service.

The clip is a treat as a performance, but it also serves as a lesson in tone, groove, and technique. It’s an inspiration to see a seasoned pro get so much joy out of playing.

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Nice tuning


Very Very nice Andrew, wish I could make my ’68 Jazz sound that loved and soulful.



It cracks me up what he gets away with; but he owns it all the same and he IS the man!!!



Very Nice, I may be mistaken but I don’t think Fender J bass had bullet truss rods until the mid 70,s


That was a real treat. Thanks for posting. I really like the way he added the runs and fills, and like you said, a lesson in tone, groove, and technique.

Damian Erskine

Like the way he sounds on that Fender! Killer tone



Nice bass , good playing .


I’m not religious in any way, but I’ve watched this video more than any other in the past 3 days. Awesome.