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Barefaced Audio Announces One10 Bass Cabinet

Barefaced Audio One10 Bass CabinetUK’s Barefaced Audio has revealed the next bass cabinet in their amplification lineup with the One10. Weighing in at 15 pounds, the cab is their most compact offering, but that doesn’t make it sound small.

“The magic ingredient is our unique 10CR250 driver, which can handle 250W continuously, pushes twice as much air as most 10″ woofers and has a concentric midrange dome for treble clarity,” Barefaced writes. “One cab will handle most jazz gigs whilst a pair can keep up with many rock bands in smaller venues.”

Other features include a hybrid resonator enclosure design that they say damps “the mid-range bass hump and [fattens] the deep lows with two controlled resonances working in unison.” It has a usable frequency range of 30Hz to 6kHz and can be ordered with a steel or cloth grill.

The Barefaced One10 is available for preorder with an introductory price of $445 in the U.S., including shipping.

Barefaced Audio One10 Bass Cabinet Specs:

Dimensions:15″ high x 11.5″ wide x 11″ deep
Weight:16 lbs (steel grill), 15 lbs (cloth grill)
Broadband sensitivity:95 dB
Usable frequency range:30Hz – 6kHz
Recommended amp power:100-250W RMS (safe with up to 500W if running fairly clean sounds)
Maximum output:~119dB
Impedance:8 ohms

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