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Jaco Pastorius: Musicians Institute Master Class

A little over a year ago, Musicians Institute discovered a video in their vault of Jaco Pastorius’s appearance during a master class, which took place in the mid-80’s. They recently posted the entire video, where Jaco fielded questions from students.

“Despite the glitchy video, the bassist’s signature sound rings loud [and] clear as he unveils the secrets of his virtuosity in this once-in-a-lifetime ,” Musicians Institute shared.

Jeff Berlin is also seen in the clip, sharing his thoughts along the way – with the two bassists showing a lot of mutual respect.

One of the comments I saw on the video (from a person who said he was in the audience) indicated that Jaco didn’t bring a bass to the event, but borrowed one from one of the students in attendance.

The video includes a lot of great insight into Jaco’s approach to the instrument, his views on the music industry, some playing, and more. The video closes with a jam with Jaco, guitarist Frank Gambale and drummer Patrick Buchmann.

What a gem!