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Kevin Johnson

Kevin Johnson

No Treble managing editor Kevin Johnson is a freelance bassist in the Northern Virginia area. Though his performances revolve around jazz, Kevin appreciates all genres of music, from R&B to metal and everything in between. A trip to Mali sparked his interest in world music, especially African artists including Toumani Diabate, the Four Brothers, and bassist Bakithi Kumalo.

He regularly performs with the Caleb Nei Jazz Trio and singer-songwriter Kipyn Martin. He has also had the pleasure of playing workshops with artists such as clarinetist Eddie Daniels and drummer Ignacio Berroa.

Kevin is a true bass enthusiast and activist. In addition to writing for No Treble, he is Jazz Division Head for the Bass Coalition, which seeks to foster community and education through promoting local bass events including workshops, performances, and other events.

Kevin is always happy to hear from No Treble readers. Feel free to contact him with news, events, or just to say hi!

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Articles by Kevin Johnson:

  • BackBeat Wearable Subwoofer Available for Preorder

    BackBeat Wearable Subwoofer Available for Preorder

    Bassist Yerko Sepulveda has introduced a new device for bassists called the BackBeat. The wearable, portable unit straps to the back of your strap and acts as rumble pack to let you feel the your notes as vibrations. This is especially helpful for modern bassists who use in-ear monitors and players who have to keep... »

  • The Melvins: The Bit

    The Melvins: The Bit

    If you love huge, nasty bass sounds then you’re going to like this. The Melvins stopped by Australian radio station 3RRR for a live-to-air set including this performance of “The Bit.” Steven Shane McDonald conjures up a bass tone that sounds like it could be used to smash boulders. He anchors the song with sludgy... »

  • Thundercat’s “Drunk” Remixed to Create “Drank”

    Thundercat’s “Drunk” Remixed to Create “Drank”

    Thundercat’s 2017 release, Drunk, was a groundbreaking, genre-bending album that featured tons of guest artists from Kendrick Lamar to Michael McDonald. Now the bassist has released Drank, a “chopped ‘n’ screwed” remix by DJ Candlestick and OG Ron C. The remix style, which originates from Houston, slows the tempo and skips beats for a syrupy,... »

  • Songbird FX Releases USB to 9V Pedal Power Cable

    Songbird FX Releases USB to 9V Pedal Power Cable

    Songbird FX has released the Birdcord, a USB to 9-volt adapter cable that allows you to power your pedals with a USB socket. Simply plug the USB end into your computer or a USB power bank and the 2.1mm DC plug into your effect. The cord can also be used to power mini amps. The... »

  • Ortus: An Interview with Jon von Boehm

    Ortus: An Interview with Jon von Boehm

    Bassist Jon von Boehm has returned with his sophomore solo album, entitled . As opposed to his self-titled debut that featured a large cast of musicians, the new release focuses on the bassist’s unique compositions in a trio format with Michael Green on drums and John Gallo on guitar with guest spots by vocalist Jesse... »

  • Pat Torpey and Billy Sheehan: Big Drums Jam

    Pat Torpey and Billy Sheehan: Big Drums Jam

    Last month we lost the great Mr. Big drummer, Pat Torpey, due to complications from Parkinson’s disease. His music, of course, will live on forever. Here’s an incredible jam taken from the drummer’s instructional video, Big Drums, featuring bandmate Billy Sheehan tearing it up. It’s no wonder the duo’s musical connection helped propel Mr. Big... »

  • In Memoriam: Peter “Mars” Cowling

    In Memoriam: Peter “Mars” Cowling

    More sad news to report today: Peter “Mars” Cowling has passed away. He was 72 years old. Fellow bassist Rodney O’Quinn helped break the news on his Facebook page. “On behalf of The Cowling/Clark Family, with a heavy heart, the music world, and especially the bass community has lost another great one,” he wrote. “Peter... »

  • MOD Kits DIY Unveils the Rock Bottom Bass Fuzz Pedal Kit

    MOD Kits DIY Unveils the Rock Bottom Bass Fuzz Pedal Kit

    Bassists interested in building their own effects have a new option with the MOD Kits DIY Rock Bottom Bass Fuzz pedal kit. Designed for novice and experienced musicians, the kit comes with easy-to-follow instructions as well as all the necessary parts. “The Rock Bottom is a bass fuzz kit that delivers all the sizzle you’d... »

  • Nicole Row Joins Panic! At The Disco

    Nicole Row Joins Panic! At The Disco

    Earlier this year we reported that longtime bassist Dallon Weekes left the ranks of Panic! At The Disco. The band is back in action again with a new bass player: Nicole Row. Row made her debut with the band on March 19th at a secret show in Cleveland. Row is no new-comer to the music... »

  • In Memoriam: Buell Neidlinger

    In Memoriam: Buell Neidlinger

    Sad news to report today: bassist Buell Neidlinger has passed away after a heart attack. He was 82 years old. Born in New York City, Neidlinger’s family moved to Westport, Connecticut when he was two years old. He was a prodigy on the cello, switching to bass at 13. He was a student of Count... »