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Kevin Johnson

Kevin JohnsonNo Treble managing editor Kevin Johnson got his start on bass in middle school playing double bass in the orchestra, eventually picking up an electric bass in high school to form a metal band with his best friend. Kevin was introduced to Jazz in college at Shenandoah University, where he graduated with a major in Music Production and Recording Technology.

Since then, he has been a freelance bassist throughout Virginia and has had the pleasure of playing workshops with artists such as clarinetist Eddie Daniels and drummer Ignacio Berroa. He also plays bass for the Ambrose Band.

Though his performances revolve around jazz, Kevin appreciates all genres of music, from R&B to metal and everything in between. A trip to Mali sparked his interest in world music, especially African artists including Toumani Diabate, the Four Brothers, and bassist Bakithi Kumalo.

Kevin is a true bass enthusiast and activist. In addition to writing for No Treble, he is a board member for the Bass Coalition, which seeks to foster community and education through promoting local bass events including workshops, performances, and other events.

Kevin is always happy to hear from No Treble readers. Feel free to contact him with news, events, or just to say hi!

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Articles by Kevin Johnson:

  • Eden Amplification Introduces MicroTour Mini Bass Amp

    Eden Amplification Introduces MicroTour Mini Bass Amp

    After releasing their World Pro Tour Series, Eden has taken a different approach with the introduction of the MicroTour Mini Bass Amp. The compact amp, which is shaped like the company’s full stack, stands 12 inches high and weighs in at 2.5 pounds. Eden explains that the MicroTour was designed to bring Eden tone to... »

  • Barefaced Audio Introduces the Retro Two10 Bass Cabinet

    Barefaced Audio Introduces the Retro Two10 Bass Cabinet

    Barefaced Audio has introduced the Retro Two10, a 2×10″ bass cabinet that the company says puts out the vibe and power of a sealed 4×10″. Weighing in at 30 pounds, the cab is loaded with a pair of 10CR250 drivers for a vintage tone and power handling up to 400 watts. “We’re excited that the... »

  • Warwick Updates Corvette $$ Bass

    Warwick Updates Corvette $$ Bass

    Warwick is updating the Corvette $$ this year with a version topped by a 3/8-inch piece of colored AAA flamed maple. The bass, which is defined by its dual humbucker pickups, is offered through the Warwick Custom shop. The bass’s body is a solid piece of USA swamp ash paired with a wenge neck and... »

  • Nastja Nina and Anton Davidyants: Sokunthea

    Nastja Nina and Anton Davidyants: Sokunthea

    When you put a song together with just bass and voice, beautiful things happen. Here’s a great example with the duo of Nastja Nina and Anton Davidyants performing the bassist’s original song “Sokunthea.” The song was first written as a solo bass piece, but Davidyants decided to redo it with Nina doubling the melody. The... »

  • Fender Custom Shop Announces 2015 Lineup

    Fender Custom Shop Announces 2015 Lineup

    Every year, Fender announces a new lineup from their Custom Shop that includes at least one bass. The 2015 series includes four basses: the Limited Edition 1955 Precision Bass, the Postmodern Precision Jazz Bass, the 1959 Journeyman Relic Precision Bass, and the 1960 Journeyman Jazz Bass. As part of the Limited Edition series, the Limited... »

  • Christian McBride Trio: Fried Pies

    Christian McBride Trio: Fried Pies

    Here’s a clip that will get your foot tapping. Christian McBride and his trio of pianist Christian Sands and drummer Ulysses Owens, Jr. recently visited Seattle’s KPLU for a small set including their take on the classic Wes Montgomery tune “Fried Pies.” The group is firing on all cylinders as they quickly get into a... »

  • In Memoriam: Scott Clendenin

    In Memoriam: Scott Clendenin

    Scott Clendenin, who played bass with Death, has passed away at the age of 47. A cause of death has not been released, though former band manager Eric Greif stated he had been facing health challenges. Clendenin joined the band in 1996 and was featured on 1998’s The Sound of Perseverance. The bassist continued with... »

  • James Brown, Featuring Bernard Odum: Live on The Hollywood Palace

    James Brown, Featuring Bernard Odum: Live on The Hollywood Palace

    James Brown had tons of hits, and nearly every one of them was driven by an outstanding bass line. This clip from 1969 on The Hollywood Palace proves just that. After being introduced by Sammy Davis, Jr., Brown and his band tear through a medley of “I Got the Feelin,” “Cold Sweat,” “Say It Loud... »

  • AC Guitars Announces Standard Series Basses

    AC Guitars Announces Standard Series Basses

    AC Guitars has revamped their offering with the Standard series, which the company says offers “outstanding value for money sitting below [their] custom basses.” The line offers each of the company’s models with reduced options to keep prices and wait times down. Standard basses can be ordered in 4-, 5-, and 6-string versions with a... »

  • Evan Brewer: Entheos “Primal” Playthrough

    Evan Brewer: Entheos “Primal” Playthrough

    Ever since Evan Brewer joined Entheos at the beginning of the year, I’ve been eager to check the band out. The technical death metal band’s Primal EP dropped this month and proved the wait was worth it. Brewer joins drummer Navene Koperweis, guitarist Frank Costa, and vocalist Chaney Crabb to lay down some brutally heavy... »