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  • Basic Care of Your Upright Bass: Part 1

    Basic Care of Your Upright Bass: Part 1

    Photo by Andrew Lorien While there are certainly deals out there, an upright bass can cost. Even a “student model” plywood bass, properly set up, can easily set you back around $2,000 US. The prices only go up from there. Needless to say, most of us would like to protect this investment. Here are some… »

  • Bass of the Week: Chadwick Folding Bass

    Bass of the Week: Chadwick Folding Bass

    Ask any double bassist what the biggest pain is about their instrument of choice, and they'll likely tell you it is the task of lugging it around. Enter the Chadwick Folding Bass: a standard 3/4 bass that folds in on itself for travel. The bass has a removable panel on the back that allows the… »

  • UNT Bass Camp: 100 Basses – At Once

    UNT Bass Camp: 100 Basses – At Once

    It just keeps getting better and better. Last week, we shared a video of 90 bassists performing at once. It was the most watched video of the week. Then a guy named Will sent this along, which tipped the scales. He said approximately 100 bassists are performing at once on this stage. Now I'm awaiting… »

  • Nothing But Bass: 90 Kontrabass Orchestra

    Nothing But Bass: 90 Kontrabass Orchestra

    Szőke Richard shared this video, saying "no treble at all". Indeed. And we love it. »

  • Bass of the Week: David Gage Czech-Ease Double Bass

    Bass of the Week: David Gage Czech-Ease Double Bass

    Anyone who has traveled with an upright bass knows that it can be a real hassle. While electric upright basses are easier to get around, they don’t give the same feel and response as their acoustic brethren. Renowned luthier David Gage reacted to the issue by designing the Czech-Ease: a full scale double bass that… »

  • Double Stops on the Upright Bass

    The upright bass is frequently classified as a “single-line” instrument. In other words, the bass produces a single line of tones and does not play polyphonically. This is certainly the rule in many cases, but there are times where adding additional chord tones to your playing, especially in solos, can add a new dimension of… »

  • Gear Watch: NXT Double Bass

    NS Design has announced that the NXT Double bass will be available on November 1st 2009. The NXT series is created in the Czech Republic by the same makers of the well known CR Series bass. The NXT will also make use of the NS standard dual-mode polar pickup, designed for lateral sensitivity to get… »

  • Whiteface for double bass

    Freelance bassist Jason Sypher, aka dervishmusic, is the double bassist for Holland-based, "yiddish, gypsy, jazz hybrid" band Nikitov. But in today's featured video, he goes solo, performing Joe Thrift's old-time fiddle tune, "Whiteface" on a double bass. In case you're wondering, he's not left handed, the video is reversed. Check out more videos from Jason… »

  • Christian McBride & Niels Pederson’s bass duo: Bye Bye Blackbird

    This is becoming double bass week, I think. And for good reason - there's a ton of videos of great upright players coming our way. Today we double the double bassists with this performance of "Bye Bye Blackbird" by Christian McBride and Niels-Henning Ørsted Pedersen, during the Concert for Ray Brown. »

  • Tom Kennedy: Paper Moon solo bass

    Introduced as the "eighth wonder of the world on bass", Tom Kennedy performs "Paper Moon" during the Sonny Costanzo Concert Series at Quinnipiac University, in Hamden, Connecticut. Tom performed with the his brother and pianist Ray Kennedy, Jeff Tillman on guitar (aka the Ray Kennedy Trio). »