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  • Sean Martinez: Omnipotent Dream

    Sean Martinez: Omnipotent Dream

    Sean Martinez has just released the title track from his upcoming EP, Omnipotent Dream, and it’s killer as usual. The song features an array of tapping, slapping, and fingerstyle to change up the texture throughout. The bassist shares that the album will be available to purchase online after August 15th or you can get a... »

  • Sean Martinez: Interconnected

    Sean Martinez: Interconnected

    Sean Martinez has a new EP called Omnipotent Dream coming out soon, and he’s been dropping some teasers from the upcoming release. Here’s an awesome video of Martinez playing along with the track “Interconnected,” which features some gorgeous tapping, ambient effects, and gnarly distortion for a spacey vibe. »

  • Jeff Hughell Releases “Chaos Labyrinth”

    Jeff Hughell Releases “Chaos Labyrinth”

    When you play bass for more than one prominent metal band, you’re bound to make friends with some of the best heavy musicians out there. That’s precisely the case for bassist Jeff Hughell, who has recruited his friends to guest on his first full length solo album, Chaos Labyrinth. Hughell, who lays down the low... »

  • Sean Martinez: “Shards of Scorched Flesh” Rings of Saturn Bass Play-Along

    Sean Martinez: “Shards of Scorched Flesh” Rings of Saturn Bass Play-Along

    Extreme death metal bassist Sean Martinez does a play-through of the song “Shards of Scorched Flesh” by his band Rings of Saturn. Hold on to your hats. Things are going to get heavy. »