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  • Ex-Marilyn Manson bassist Gidget Gein found dead

    Former Manson bassist Gidget Gein, aka Brad Stewart, was found dead on October 9 in his Burbank, CA home, allegedly due to a heroin overdose. Gein, who was kicked out of Manson’s band in the 90’s due to drug-related issues and replaced by Twiggy Ramirez, had just completed a drug rehab program. He was 39.... »

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  • Linley Marthe with The Zawinul Syndicate

    Linley Marthe with The Zawinul Syndicate

    We’re not just on a video kick lately, we’re on a Zawinul Syndicate kick. This time around, Linley Marthe proves yet again that Zawinul knew how to pick bass players. This video features an extended solo by Marthe during the Lugano concert in July 27th, 2007, celebrating Zawinul’s last birthday. Enjoy! »

  • Basslines for October 10, 2008 interviewed Yes bassist Chris Squire on the band’s tour, including their decision to go ahead without frontman Jon Anderson. Oakland Park, Florida’s Oktoberfest was the first event to be held in the new Jaco Pastorius Park. An event for Emment Chapman’s Chapman Stick, popularized by Tony Levin and others, is taking place Oct 10... »