Tal Wilkenfeld joins Jeff Beck for Australian tour

Jeff Beck is a little giddy about his upcoming Australian tour, and his new bass player, Tal Wilkenfeld. First recommended to him by drummer Vinnie Colaiuta, the Sydney native is fitting right in.

“I’ve known girl bass players that are damn good or they’re no good at all, but anything that Vinnie recommends you’ve got to listen to,” Beck says. When Vinnie sent him a tape, he was mesmerized. “Within a week she was standing outside my door with Vinnie and [then] we were upstairs playing in my studio. Fantastic. She’s phenomenal.”

The three performed together on Beck’s recent CD, Performing this Week … Live at Ronnie Scott’s, to great reviews. For the tour, David Sanchez replaces Jason Robello on keyboards.

Beck’s enthusiasm with this tour promises to make it memorable. “I think Vinnie and Tal are just so fantastic. They love what I do and I love what they do, and it’s the first time I’ve ever felt a sort of camaraderie that could go places.”

Jeff Beck is scheduled to perform between January 23 and February 1 in Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Sydney.

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  1. What an awesome solo…then i guess its not a solo if they are both playing… What ever it is…just cool.