Jackie Clark: John Legend “If You’re Out There” Remix

Collaborative music site Indaba Music is running a contest to remix John Legend’s “If You’re Out There”, and bassist Jackie Clark shared his submission with us.

Jackie plays his Lakland 5-string fretless bass and just about everything else on the recording.

As Jackie shares, “This is my version of an already incredible song! I took the vocals and lead guitar stems, listened to John’s soloed vocal for nearly two hours and was inspired to record my own lil arrangement using Logic Pro 8 sounds (for the Steinway Piano), and Vienna Symphonic Library Orchestra sounds for all the rest of the tracks and my trusty ol’ Lakland fretless 5 string bass on the bottom. I’m not much of a mix engineer yet but, I hope this track is acceptable to those who take time to listen. I’m a BASSIST first!”

Hey, bassist first is a-okay with us.

Voting ends April 21, 2009. You can check out Jackie’s recording and vote for him at Indaba Music’s web site and check out Jackie at his Myspace page.

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