John Patitucci: Music We Are [new release]

Bassist John Patitucci and pianist Danilo Perez have been playing together for over a decade, after being introduced by drummer Jack DeJohnette. Now, the three of them have recorded their first album together, Music We Are.

Patitucci plays both upright and electric basses on the release, and each artist contributed their own unique compositions.

“I think it presents a fresh way of looking at the piano trio setting,” says DeJohnette. “It’s more than just us sitting down and playing some tunes, it’s more collaborative and you really get that collective feeling. There’s space for everybody to shine on this record.”

Adds Perez, “I really appreciate and enjoy and respect the amount of input that each one of us can bring to the table in this trio. Jack really comes from that Miles Davis legacy where the door is always open to experimenting. He definitely leaves a wonderful amount of room for us.”

Patitucci explains, “We wanted to make sure that we had some open spaces for free compositions because whenever we’ve played together the music is very pliable and very elastic and can go in a lot of different directions. Jack is so great at inspiring that kind of thing, and Danilo and I love to do that anyway.”

11 tracks make up the CD, which includes a bonus behind-the-scenes documentary on DVD.

Track list:

1. Tango African (DeJohnette)
2. Earth Prayer (DeJohnette/Perez/Patitucci)
3. Seventh D, 1st Movement (DeJohnette)
4. Seventh D, 2nd Movement (DeJohnette)
5. Soulful Ballad (DeJohnette)
6. Earth Speaks (DeJohnette/Perez/Patitucci)
7. Cobilla (Perez)
8. Panama Viejo (R. Fabrega)
9. White (Perez)
10. Ode to MJQ (DeJohnette/Perez/Patitucci)
11. Michael (Patitucci)

A vinyl edition of Music We Are will be available on May 19, 2009.

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