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Chi Cheng released from ICU

Deftones bassist Chi Cheng was involved in a automobile accident last November, and has been in a coma since. This week, a rumor was posted on the web stating Deftones bassist Chi Cheng had come out of his months-long coma.

Chi’s sister, Gina Blackmore, who has been maintaining a family-run blog, posted to say that the rumor wasn’t completely accurate:

Some of you may have come across an article that is stating “Deftones Bassist Chi Cheng Comes Out Of Coma” I have emailed these guys to ask them to please correct themselves… Obviously they misunderstood. Chi is in more of a semi-conscious state.. So technically not in a “coma” (with a coma there is no wakefulness) since he started tracking with eyes and saying words. Sometimes they label it as a ‘vegetative state’ or ‘minimally conscious state’ but those in a ‘vegetative state’ do not talk or track with eyes or do things on request like Chi has. So I believe it is more of a ‘minimally conscious state’ or ’semi-conscious state’ he is in. So basically he is “in and out” … But fully awake awake? No.. Believe me.. You would have heard this from me RIGHT away!!!!! And my husband and I would be on our way to Cali with kids in tow!

There is good news to share though. Not only is Chi is out of ICU, he’ss off life support and his conditions continue to improve, according to Gina’s recent posts.

Fans can continue to donate money for Chi’s medical expenses on One Love for Chi.

We wish Chi and his family all the best, and we hope this is a sign of great things to come.

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