A pleasant surprise: a review of Last Time by Evanscapps

EvansCapps: Last TimeFor someone who merely tolerates bands akin to Lynyrd Skynyrd, I was pleasantly surprised when I turned on Last Time by Evanscapps. My first impression was something reminiscent to the grunge bands, Foo Fighters and Pearl Jam. This impression lasted for the first three tracks (Hell if I Know, Dead is Rising, and Innocence), and then it took a turn towards the alternative metal way on tracks like “Follow the Morning Sun”, my impressions were similar to that of 3 Doors Down with hints of bands like Staind.

Even through all these different impressions that I have had, the music keeps Evans’ and Capps’ solid southern rock base, giving it the title of “Alterative Southern Metal”, as described.

This album showcases Ean Evans’ skill of the bass guitar as well as introducing his talents on guitar. His lead energetic lead and rhythm work throughout the album, makes the experience more enjoyable than ever. Bobby Capps is the primary vocalist on the album (Evans covers back up). The album sights that Capps covers lead vocals, keyboards, and raps. His “rapping”, interestingly enough, made me think of Rage Against the Machine’s vocalist Zack de la Rocha.

The albums sights the talents of Greg Morrow (Drums), “Dr. John” Simpson (Keyboards), Gordon Mote (Organ, Strings), and Hoyt Allen (Background vocals).

This album features the talents of number of guest musicians. Rickey Medlocke of Lynyrd Skynyrd plays lead guitar on the track “Why”. Todd Harrell, bassist for 3 Doors Down, performs on the tracks “Stand or Fall” and “Walk”. Guitarist, Tim Cabe performs on the final track, “Hole in My Head”. Last, but not least, Todd Lawton, who performs with CCM artist Toby Mac, plays on the second track, “Dead is Rising”.

The listening of this album, as I said before, gave me a pleasant surprise. It is most unfortunate that we shall never hear of another Evanscapps record, due to Ean Evans’ tragic passing on May 6th.

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