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Ean Evans’ last recording: “Last Time”

EvansCapps: Last TimeEvanCapps, the side project between bassist Ean Evans Bobby Capps (keyboardist for .38 Special), have released Last Time.

As we reported last week, Evans passed away on May 6th, after a battle with cancer. “Last Time” label, Rock Ridge Music, is donating a portion of the proceeds from the album sales to Lyrics for Life, in Evans’ name.

“Although I am having a hard time with all of this, I made a promise to Ean, and I intend to see it through,” shares Capps. “I have consulted with Ean’s family, and we have all agreed that we should carry the torch that he ignited three years ago when we started this CD. One of his biggest dreams was to have this music heard. He was so proud when the project was finally signed and the record was going to get the distribution it so well deserved. I know in my heart of hearts that he is smiling down on us today, proud that our efforts will finally have a chance to be heard. He always said, ‘This music will do the talking if we can just get people to hear it.'”

Evans met Capps when the their bands performed together during a Lynryd Skynyrd on tour in 2003. Months later, the two recorded the music that would be the basis for this release, originally offering it as in 2006 as a digital download before re-recording and remixing this final release.

The project is self-described as “Southern alternative metal” and is available now.

The supporting cast for “Last Time” includes session drummer Greg Morrow, bassists Todd Harrell (3 Doors Down) and Todde Lawton (Toby Mac), guitarist Rickey Medlocke (Lynryd Skynyrd, Blackfoot), keyboardist John Simpson, vocalist Hoyt Allen, guitarits Tim Cabe, and organist Gordon Mote.


The complete track list includes:
1. Hell If I Know
2. Dead Is Rising
3. Innocence
4. Follow The Morning Sun
5. For Something Or For Nothing
6. Stand Or Fall
7. Why
8. Walk
9. Mississippi
10. Anything Goes
11. Hole In My Head

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