Super 400: Sweet Fist

Super 400: Sweet FistSuper 400 is working on their latest soon to be released album, Sweet Fist, and No Treble got a sneak preview of the rock monster’s work.

The record was recorded on tape at legendary Ardent Studios in Memphis, TN, and adds another gem to their discography. In their words the album “stands for power and heart, honesty and desire!”

Super 400 is a power trio rock group out of Troy NY, where the hometown loves them so much they get their own holiday (Super 400 day, February 25th). The band consists of Kenny Hohman (guitar, vocals), Joe Daley (drums) and Lori Friday (bass). They have sold out 20 shows touring across Europe after their huge success at the Azkena Rock Festival in Spain, and are currently playing in NY.

Sweet Fist is a great rock album with all the energy and raw power we’ve come to expect from the trio. The album opens up with “Needle Down,” which moves between drum and bass sections and a heavy guitar riff with the vocals flying over top. “FFMN” has cool rhythmic guitar and bass lines driving on top of the classic drum beats, which leads into “Flashlight” featuring female vocals. Lori opens up with a climbing bass line in “Wave” that goes into a moving riff to push the song forward. You’ll get to hear the hooks in “Dream Boat” that will have you singing it all night, and shout out loud with “Thorn Tree.” Don’t think it’s all heavy though, Super 400 breaks out a killer ballad with “Devil Song,” and the wraps it up with “White Bird,” a new rendition of a classic rock sound.

Sweet Fist will not disappoint. With album art designed by Grammy winning visual artist Klaus Voorman (who also performed as the bassist in John Lenon’s Plastic Ono Band), and the analog tape recording giving that vintage sound, the dynamic trio continues the music started by Cream, Blind Faith, and Led Zeppelin.

Be sure to check out the bands official site and MySpace page.

The full track list for Sweet Fist includes:

1. Needle Down
2. Another Heavy Word
4. Flashlight
5. Wave
6. Sand Hill
7. Thought it was the End
8. Dream Boat
9. Thorn Tree
10. Earth Move
11. Devil Song
12. White Bird

The band’s discography includes:

3 And The Beast – Electric Mombie – 2007
Live 05 – Electric Mombie – 2005
Blast the Message – Electric Mombie – 2004
Super 400 – Island/Cacophone/Trade 2 – 1998

Check out Lori and the band, live at SXSW 2009:

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