Meet the No Treble contributors

We’re really lucky to have an awesome group of friends on Twitter, Facebook and MySpace. As those friendships have developed, a handful of great bass players have signed up to become contributors here. I never properly introduced these guys, so here’s a post all about them.

Evan Kepner has been writing some great lead features and lessons over the past month, and now taking a bigger role in writing daily articles (much to our collective relief!)

Flemming Dørken is the man when it comes to finding really incredible Youtube videos. He’s coming to America next week, and I can’t wait to meet him in person.

Bassist, composer, author, bandleader and educator Jon Burr offers up his “Untold Secret to Melodic Bass” lesson series right here, as well as online (PDF download and Kindle edition). Look for even more from Jon in the coming weeks.

Russ Sargeant is a multi-instrumentalist from Dudley UK and a great Twitter friend to us and lots of other people.

Thanks guys, for believing in this little project. And thanks to all our friends on Twitter, Facebook and MySpace who make this a whole lot more fun.

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