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Q&A with Chris Squire

Chris SquireBassist Chris Squire from Yes, the successful prog-rock group from the 1970’s gone classic rock/jazz/pop, recently talked about the band’s journey in an interview with over their four-decade career.

Squire has been with Yes the entire time, but still did other work including the solo album “Fish Out of Water” released in 1975.

When asked about Yes’s 40 years in the music business, Squire answers that they lasted so long because they adapted: “The great thing about Yes is that it has always been flexible. During the ’70s, we did some rather long and complex pieces of music. During the ’80s, we became a little more rocky, with the ‘90125’ album and ‘Owner of a Lonely Heart’ being a Number 1 (single). That flexibility has contributed to our longevity.”

Yes is currently on tour with Asia featuring Steve Howe in both bands. The tour began June 26th in California and will continue through August 2nd ending in Pennsylvania.

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