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Nikki Sixx reaction to Wall Street Journal

Motley Crue bassist Nikki Sixx has posted a reactionary post to the Wall Street Journal’s alleged misrepresentation of his views.

The opening line in the article is “Nikki Sixx thinks the Internet is ruining rock and roll.”

Sixx’s Myspace Blog reaction:

“It’s always a struggle to get what YOU have to say and not what THEY want you to say in the press. This is nothing new, but check this clown out. I did a interview with the Wall Street Journal, you would think they would be smart enuff not to hire a stupid writer for such a reputable newspaper.

“I agreed to do the interview because it was supposed to be a piece on ‘The Business of Crüe Fest 2’ and I’m really proud of what we’ve created and the way we are able to offer a full day rock experience for the fans for the price of one Mötley show.

“None the less, he kept asking lame question after lame question, I keep directing him to what were doing right now and what the interview was really about, which at that moment was about working on a huge production, top to bottom, putting together a huge festival for rock fans and making sure all 10 bands on tour were happy and getting what they needed. I also told him were trying to keep details of the production we were about to launch quiet so opening night is just that for the fans, like opening a x mas present.

“Somehow, the interview got into talking about Twitter and I explain to him my thoughts and OVER exposure through TOO much info on the net…of course he turns it around that ‘I hate the internet’ and you just scratch your head and wonder, why would a guy do that. Worse, why would The Wall Street Journal hire someone with such a small brain?…… Motley was one of the first to use the internet to get information to fans, using downloads (free and paid for) to get our music around the world, to offer exclusive content to our fans, etc, etc… Before music players became popular we were the first band to endorse one called Real Player (which became Rhapsody), so it doesn’t sound like we hate the internet…

“But we do hate doing press with people who twist the story to make a gossipy headline to make themselves look like they have the inside track at the expense of the fans and the artist?” …

He continues with:

“The essence of the point I was making (as I spoke on my iPhone with all of its new cool apps) is that there are elements of the internet that I think are not cool – like why do people need to know where someone is at the moment or what they are thinking that second – on Twitter.

“I’m off to go do emails and to get this up on my MySpace page (strange for a guy who the Wall Street Journal says ‘hates the internet’). I wanted to check in and let you know that we had a Blast last night in Camden and look forward to seeing all of you, at the shows or on the internet..hahhaha..

“Love and Padded cells,


Check out the complete post at Sixx’s MySpace page, and the Wall Street Journal interview.

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