A look back at Ellen Johnson’s “These Days”

Ellen Johnson: These DaysThese Days has been on the shelves for a bit, but it should be in every bassist’s collection.

Ellen Johnson performs with bassist Darek Oles to create beautiful mixtures of voice and bass. It is not an exclusively duet album, other featured artists include Shelia Jordan, Roy McCurdy, Larry Koonse and Ana Gazzola.

The album was dedicated to Johnson’s friend and mentor, Shelia Jordan. Jordan was one of the early innovators with vocal and bass duets and began her first duet work with bass legend Charles Mingus. Johnson also shares a passion for Mingus and his work, evident by her arrangements of “Noddin’ Ya Head Blues” and “Nostalgia in Times Square,” where she adds lyrics to both songs (with the permission of Sue Mingus).

The CD is currently available from Amazon. Be sure to check out Johnson’s web site and MySpace page.

Preview and download These Days:

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