Ray’s raving about… Janek Gwizdala Podcasts

Janek GwizdalaJanek Gwizdala is a very accomplished bass player who’s skills have him wearing many hats as a musician. He has played with some of the most respected players in the business and rightfully so. Janek is one of my personal favorites because he has a way of playing what feels right for whatever musical situation he is in, not to mention he can play his butt off!

I’m very impressed with his use of harmony and his soloing. Janek has so much melodic integrity when he plays and is always pushing himself to create “in the moment”.

Janek is also really in the forefront when it comes to using todays technologies for networking, promoting, teaching, etc. Even as busy as he is as a musician he finds time to create these awesome podcasts (he refers to them as basscasts) that give us insight to his thoughts and views on playing bass, writing, recording and producing. He has 12 podcasts to date and each one is packed with great information and music. To me the whole idea is very groundbreaking and to have this kind of insight to what top level musicians are thinking and just about how they approach their music is fascinating. They are also very inspiring and I always have some new ideas or concepts to think about or work on after listening. I hope this idea catches on and we see more players do this type of thing.

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