Erik Scott: Other Planets

Erik Scott: Other PlanetsBassist Erik Scott, best known for his work with Sonia Dada, Alice Cooper, and Flo & Eddie, has released a solo album, Other Planets.

Other Planets was recorded while Sonia Dada was taking a break, after a 16-year run. This is Erik’s first solo release.

“I found myself alone in the studio with an active imagination, some basses, and a keyboard,” Erik shares. “With no band, no singers, and no pre-dispositions, I could pretty much wander wherever the musical muse took me.”

Erik’s email exchanges with me have been priceless… as witty as any I’ve read in a long time. Among my favorite quotes from him about this release:

“While it could certainly be said that I have partaken in, and incited, my fair share of musical mayhem, raising a ruckus in many venues… I have take a break from the chaos with this CD, and some musical segments have even been described as… well, (gasp) tranquil… serene. Well, there you go… I did find the blend of steel guitar, interstellar strings and melodic bass to be a bit seductive. Maybe you too.”

Other Planets Track List:

  1. Other Planets (Sundogs)
  2. Proper Son
  3. Bartalk
  4. Peace on Saturn
  5. Donnie & Sancho
  6. Despues de Guerro
  7. Bassque Revolution
  8. Foggy Bridges
  9. Bathing Maui
  10. Aliens Made Me Do This

For more on Erik and his complete discography, visit his web site.

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