Rewind: Bass lessons from Jon Burr, Evan Kepner and Learn the Low End, plus Damian Erskine, Ray Riendeau and Steve Uccello

Evan Kepner takes us through his first in a 2-parter lesson, Thinking in Minor.

Don’t miss Jon Burr’s incredibly popular lesson on Learning Tunes Quickly.

Ray Riendeau is raving about… NPR.

Our Player in the Spotlight is Steve Uccello.

Damian Erskine covers Target Notes in his latest installment of Ask Damian Erskine.


Learn the Low End

There’s been a lot of buzz (and new courses posted) since the debut of our partner site, Learn the Low End. Check out the latest and greatest lessons:

  1. The Erskine Bass Perspective by No Treble contributor and bass guru Damian Erskine.
  2. Right hand dexterity and Facility – an unpublished chapter from Damian’s upcoming book the “Erskine Bass Perspective Volume 2.”
  3. Understanding Chords and scales Damian’s own methods to understanding broken chords and scale with how to apply them in your soloing.
  4. Phrasing 101 and Phrasing 201 by No Treble Player Spotlight bassist Evan Marien
  5. Solo Bass Live Looping Textural/Arranging Techniques by No Treble Player Spotlight bassist Steve Uccello
  6. Funky Solo Bass Loops by Marco Rodi
  7. Double Thumb Technique – A free course with video examples of how to learn the famous double-thumb technique used by slap-bass greats everywhere.
  8. Metronome Madness – A free set of metronome exercises that will transform you into a rock-solid time monster that all rushing drummers will fear (and rely on)!

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