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  • Dominique Di Piazza’s amazing bass solo

    Do we really need words for this? I don’t think so. »

  • Gear Watch: Profile PT-2800

    Profile has expanded their tuner/metronome line to include the new PT-2800, a mini clip-on tuner. The PT-2800 features a gigantic bright multi-colored LCD that should be visible from the headstock in any lighting condition. The best part is that it changes from red to green once you’re in tune. You can get your strings in... »

  • Adam Clayton gets big props as U2 kicks off U.S. tour

    U2 just kicked off their first stadium tour in the USA on September 13th since 1997 (the end of the Popmart Tour). Their other tours since have been confined to arenas, but now U2 has broken out with the biggest concert stage ever built. The band’s US debut was at Soldier Field in Chicago, as... »

  • Furtok and Stähle: Gran Duetto No 2 Finale

    For you classical music fans out there we found this remarkable video of Boguslaw Furtok and Johannes Stähle performing Giovanni Bottesini’s “Gran Duetto No 2 Finale.” A little history lesson, Bottesini was an Italian Romantic composer (1821-1889), conductor, and a double bass virtuoso. Bottesini is credited as being one of the main virtuoso composers to... »

  • Robert Trujillo comments on “Big Four” tour rumor

    Metallica Bass player Robert Trujillo recently confirmed a hot-topic rumor that the band is trying to put together a tour between themselves, Megadeth, Slayer and Anthrax. Together these bands are known as the “Big Four” of Thrash Metal. Trujillo said: “I think it’s great. We’ve had a few different conversations on the subject. I’m friends... »

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  • Ray’s Raving About… NPR Music

    I am a big fan of talk radio and I especially like the programs on NPR (National Public Radio). In this “rave” I wanted to spotlight the music section on the NPR web site. NPR Music has so many cool things to offer including concerts, studio session, interviews, reviews, etc. There is something for everyone... »

  • TIMBASSIX: Bass with Bass 4-Loop Pedal

    Here’s a little 4-loop pedal magic by bassist TIMBASSIX, who said “I had a day off… go music.” »

  • Gear Watch: Faber Paddlebass

    There’s a new bass design out by Dutch luthier Arnoud Faber: The Faber PaddleBass. Faber designed the PaddleBass to fit his standards in functionality ergonomics and tone quality. Faber shares, “I wondered why most basses were so big and uneasy to play. So I started to draw a new body.The result was a very light... »

  • Victor Wooten tour: 2 Minds 1 Groove with JD Blair

    Victor Wooten is teaming back up with his long time friend JD Blair to go on a brief tour. The tour is the “2 Minds 1 Groove” and will be throughout the USA until the end of September. “I toured for quite a while with that exact same band that played a lot of that... »

  • Lesson: Thinking in Minor

    Lesson: Thinking in Minor

    The minor keys offer a diverse sonic palette for you to use in improvisation. The darker quality of the tonal sequence gives you a cool sound and the minor keys are very versatile over different chord changes. This lesson will focus on some basic applications of minor keys in different scenarios so you can start... »